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Root - Riverfolk Hireling Pack

Root - Riverfolk Hireling Pack

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Need allies? Come row downstream! Discover unique strategies and make the Woodland wilder by adding hirelings. Best with fewer players, great with more!

Hirelings can be added to games at any player count. With fewer players, the hirelings add new pieces to the map, ramping up the tension and giving you more tactical options. With more players, some hireling cards will flip over to reveal new special abilities to gain, letting you explore unique and powerful strategies.

Riverfolk Flotilla/Otter Divers

Fire a cannon barrage with the Riverfolk Flotilla or swim in deep waters with Otter Divers.

Highway Bandits/Bandit Gangs

Terrorize the Woodland’s paths with the Highway Bandits or muster new warriors with Bandit Gangs.

Warm Sun Prophets/Lizard Envoys

Bring enemies into the fold with the Warm Sun Prophets or call for aid with Lizard Envoys.

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